Do you have any pictures to share with the class of 1993? We are putting together a multi-media presentation for the reunion. Please upload them here, in the comments, if you have them. Thanks so much!
John Flores
05/01/2013 7:02pm

I wanted to see if any of the people attending would be interested in playing golf on Saturday mid-morning. If you are please send an email to

Amy Flores
07/04/2013 10:16pm

Absolutely! We have a sitter right??

Aaron Stevens
05/29/2013 9:02am

Yes! I do!

06/10/2013 5:16pm

I do! All my high school pics are at my mom's house - I'll gather them up and scan some in soon. OH BOY!

Vikki Lambeth
06/24/2013 3:29am

just sending a bunch to you now jason! LOOK OUT!!


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